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Tambourines Schedule 

In Tambourines, singing and dancing are very much intertwined. The girls learn songs in singing class, and then learn accompanying choreographies in dance class. 

All the girls at Tambourines come once a week and attend both, the singing and dancing classes.  


Group 1

Girls in grades 1-3


4:00-6:00 (Song and Dance)

Schedule Break-up:

4:00-4:10 Arrival from School 

4:10-4:20 Change into Tambo-Shirt /eat snack

4:20-5:05 Song/Dance

5:05-5:10 Mini recess, eat small snack

5:10-5:55 Dance/Song

6:00- Pick-up. See you next time!



Group 2

Girls in grades 4-5


4:00-6:20 (Song and Dance)

Schedule Break-up:

4:00-4:10 Arrival from School 

4:10-4:20 Change into Tambo-Shirt /eat snack

4:20-5:15 Song/Dance

5:15-5:20 Mini recess, eat small snack

5:20-6:15 Dance/Song

6:20- Pick-up. See you next time!


All Tambourine Classes take place at the Tambourines studio at 471 Albany Ave. between Empire Blvd. and Lefferts Ave.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Group 3

Girls in grades 6-8


4:00-6:20 (Song and Dance)

Schedule Break-up:

4:00-4:15 Arrival from School 

4:15-4:25 Change into Tambo-Shirt /eat snack

4:25-5:20 Song/Dance

5:20-5:25 Mini recess, eat small snack

5:25-6:20 Dance/Song

6:20- See you next time!





More Deets!

Hey there!

We are so super excited for a new year of Tambourines Academy! The place where kids can be kids. Where they can feel safe to express themselves freely, and learn skills in the performing arts, all under the guidance of trained teachers and a Chassidishe atmosphere. We have a really awesome curriculum planned and we can’t wait to get it rolling and see all those smiling, singing and dancing faces.


Payments are made only through our website. The only way to secure your daughter’s spot is through registering and paying before every month or semester.  Creating an account on our website will make it simpler for the future, as you are given the opportunity to save your credit card on file.  

Missed Classes

Please note, although we understand that at times a student isn’t able to attend, missed classes aren’t refunded.

If a child misses a class, we highly encourage that she gets together with a friend to learn what was taught to help her keep her confidence the following class.


The Tambourines students should wear the following to each Tambourines class:

  1. The Tambo-shirt (it can be purchased on our website under “prices,” and received at the studio on the first day of Tambourines.)

  2. A solid, any color, flared skirt that covers the knees.  (For example, the “Camp Skirt” in ThreeBows is ideal!)

  3. Legwear that follows the guidelines of tznius. For example: Tights, or leggings and socks without a gap in between. Please note: Since the girls will be stretching, knee socks aren’t great, even if they follow the halachos of tznius while walking and sitting. Tights or leggings and socks are better options.  


Girls don’t have to wear shoes in class, with the exception of tap shoes for tap dance class (6th-8th graders only).

When we perform, the girls will be required to wear ballet shoes, which can be worn at all Tambourine classes. (Most girls find it to be more comfortable  than barefoot).

Other shoe options for class are jazz shoes, sneakers and ‘capezio’ sneakers.

The best shoes for dance class can be found in the links bellow.


Jazz Shoes


Capezio Sneakers


Ballet Shoes


Tap shoes for group (grades 6,7,8.)


We recommend to send 2 extra snacks with your daughter to school on the day that she attends Tambourines.

Since the girls come straight from school, we allott 10 minutes for them to be able to eat something substantial, such as a sandwich. In addition, please send an easy-to-eat fruit, such as a banana, or a non-messy snack for the short 5 min. recess between classes.

Please don’t send a messy food such as sushi.  

Extra Practice and recording

As we get closer to a performance, there may be extra practices scheduled for the girls to feel extra confident on stage! The girls will record the songs learnt in a recording studio. This may take place after Tambourine hours. We will notify you when relevant.

Creative Assets

Please note, since Tambourines is a creative space, different ideas can be born in the process of the girls are learning. This can lead to an improvisation of an activity that wasn’t originally scheduled, such as filming a video, etc. If this type of occurance will take place out of Tambourines studio or not in the regular Tambourines schedule, we will communicate with you ahead of time to accommodate your schedule.

See you!

We cannot wait to greet your daughter!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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